Chef Automate

Product description

Chef Automate manages changes to both infrastructure and application code, giving your operations and development teams a common platform for developing, testing, and deploying cookbooks, applications, and more. With FIPS 140-2 cryptography support and workflows aligned to SecDevOps, Chef Automate is the ideal candidate for security-conscious environments in the Federal space.

Chef Automate accelerates the adoption of continuous delivery and encourages DevOps collaboration. It provides a proven, reproducible workflow for managing changes as they flow through the pipeline from a local workstation, through automated tests, and out into production.

Chef Automate handles many types of software systems. Use it to:

  • Upload new and updated cookbooks to the Chef server that manages your infrastructure and applications
  • Publish new and updated cookbooks to a Chef Supermarket installation
  • Release source code or build artifacts to a repository such as GitHub
  • Push build artifacts to production servers in real time